The Executive Librarian -    Legal and Tax Library Filing and Maintenance Service
Outsourcing Library Services can Improve Profits
     Keeping up with the ongoing maintenance and paper filing of a law or tax library is tedious, time-consuming work.  Large firms tend to have dedicated library staff, but mid-to smalled sized firms cannot dedicate full time staffing to the library function.  Corporate departments would also prefer their in-house library, paralegal and administrative staff dedicate more time to research, rather than pay outside counsel to do so.  In today's economy, law firms, accounting firms and large companies are seeking ways to reduce overhead and improve profits. 
     Firms of all sizes have turned to outsourcing library filing and maintenance needs to help cut costs and refocus administrative staff on income producing activities. The Executive Librarian team assists lead librarians and offers a variety of administrative duties that help not only save time, but improve profits.
     Since 1988 Monika Miura dba The Executive Librarian has assisted a variety of firms and organizations update and maintain their legal treatises.  There was a time when everything was in print.  Then information moved on to CDs and now the Internet has become an integral part of legal research.
     There are still treatises to be checked in and updated, invoices to be approved, copied and forwarded and publications to be routed to in-house staff.  These are all duties that can be done by out-sourced staff. 
     On the following pages you will see a listing of the varieties of services offered by The Executive Librarian team.
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